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How to Empty a Lotion Pump Empty Bottle

How to Empty a Lotion Pump Empty Bottle
Once your lotion bottle becomes empty, extracting every last drop without waste may seem impossible - yet with some clever tricks it is possible.
A small cosmetic spatula from any beauty supply store is the most efficient method for lotion dispensing. This tool allows you to extract every drop, which then needs to be transferred into another container. Unfortunately, your kitchen counter might become covered in lotion stains from this process; but rest assured knowing you have plenty available!
One way to maximize a lotion bottle's potential is by taking steps such as taking out its pump and turning it upside-down, which works well with thicker hand creams but may be ineffective against thinner products. An alternative may be using vinyl tubing slightly larger than its pump shaft to snake into any reservoirs of lost lotion; although this method could work effectively it requires spending around $2 on supplies and 30 minutes on this task - an investment you may or may not see as worthwhile.
Heating the lotion bottle with hot water will warm its contents and make pouring it out easier, but be careful not to heat too much as that could trigger chemical reactions between oil and water based ingredients.
Once your lotion bottle has been empty for some time, it's essential to recycle both its pump and cap. Lotion pumps come in various materials including PET and PP; both materials offer multiple advantages over glass; they're shatter-resistant, recyclable and long-term durable; plus compatible with various chemicals for safe personal care or cleaning products use. Glass can also be an eco-friendly choice that makes for attractive lotion bottles!
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