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Zhejiang Aluminum Master Packing Co., Ltd.
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Zhejiang Aluminum Master Packing Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Aluminum Master Packing Co., Ltd. formerly known as Shangyu Jin Yu Packaging Co., LTD. Founded in June 2005, the company is located in Hangzhou Bay, the aluminum oxide production base in the Jiangnan Town Lihai Industrial Park. Located 100 km from Shanghai and near the southern exit of the Jiashao Cross-sea Bridge, it specializes in the design and production of various cosmetics packaging enterprises. With a total area of 18,000 square meters and a construction area of 8,000 square meters, it has a staff of 200.

Zhejiang Aluminum Master Packing Co., Ltd. is China Aluminum-Plastic Airless Bottle Factory And Aluminum-Plastic Airless Bottle Company , The company has a complete and scientific quality management system and an entire line of advanced alumina and equipment to match. The company has always insisted on excellent quality, fast delivery, quality service and reasonable prices to win the recognition of its customers and strive to become famous at home and abroad in the cosmetics packaging manufacturing base.

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Zhejiang Aluminum Master Packing Co., Ltd.
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Aluminum-Plastic Airless Bottle Industry knowledge

How does the airless mechanism of the Aluminum-Plastic Airless Bottle paintings?
The airless mechanism of an Aluminum-Plastic Airless Bottle is a era used in beauty and skincare packaging to prevent air touch with the product, making sure its freshness and toughness. This mechanism involves the usage of a vacuum pump, a piston, and an airless pouch or bag.
The key aspect of the airless mechanism is the vacuum pump. It is commonly placed at the lowest of the bottle and is responsible for growing a vacuum inside the bottle. As the vacuum pump is pressed, it induces a lower in strain in the bottle and creates a partial vacuum.
Connected to the vacuum pump is a piston that actions up and down within a cylinder. When the vacuum pump is activated, the piston movements upward, creating a void area inside the cylinder. This void space is crucial for the airless mechanism to paintings effectively.
The airless pouch or bag is a key feature of the Aluminum-Plastic Airless Bottle. It is fabricated from a bendy cloth that collapses whilst strain is carried out. This pouch or bag is hooked up to the bottom of the cylinder wherein the piston is located.
When the vacuum pump is pressed, and the piston moves upward, it creates a negative strain within the cylinder. This bad stress exerts force at the airless pouch, inflicting it to crumble as the encircling air is sucked out. This collapsing of the pouch is what prevents air from coming into the bottle.
Since the product is saved inside the airless pouch, the collapsing movement of the pouch also ensures that every remaining little bit of product is distributed from the bottle. As the piston actions upward, it pushes against the airless pouch, forcing the product out of the bottle through a small nozzle or dispenser.
The airless mechanism of the Aluminum-Plastic Airless Bottle gives numerous benefits. Firstly, it prevents air from coming into the bottle, which helps to hold the product's integrity, stability, and efficacy. This is mainly vital for skin care and cosmetic merchandise that may be touchy to air exposure.
Secondly, the airless mechanism limits the product's contact with outside contaminants, including bacteria, dirt, and pollution. This enhances the hygiene and safety of the product, further defensive its first-class.
Finally, the airless bottle permits for a particular and controlled dishing out of the product. The collapsing pouch and piston mechanism make certain that best the required quantity of product is expelled, minimizing wastage.
What are the materials used inside the production of an aluminum-plastic airless bottle? 
An aluminum-plastic airless bottle is a type of field typically used inside the cosmetic and splendor industry. The bottle has an inner plastic layer and an outer aluminum layer, which presents a sleek and aesthetic appearance. The materials used within the construction of an aluminum-plastic airless bottle include:
1. Aluminum: The outer layer of the bottle is product of aluminum. Aluminum is known for its durability, light-weight nature, and resistance to corrosion. It also gives a high stage of safety for the contents within the bottle from outside factors including air and UV light.
2. Plastic: The inner layer of the bottle is made from plastic. The plastic used in airless bottles is typically a splendid and food-grade cloth such as polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene terephthalate (PET). These plastics are chosen for their energy, flexibility, and potential to maintain the integrity of the product without any touch with air.
Three. Pump mechanism: The pump mechanism of an aluminum-plastic airless bottle is accountable for doling out the product. It is usually fabricated from plastic, along with additives consisting of the pump head, tube, and collar. These elements are designed to paintings collectively seamlessly to make sure right product dispensing with none leakage or contamination.
Four. O-rings and gaskets: O-jewelry and gaskets are crucial additives of an airless bottle as they offer a decent seal to prevent any air from coming into the bottle and oxidizing the product. These are usually made of silicone or different rubber-like materials that are resistant to growing old and offer excellent sealing homes.
5. Decoration and labeling: In addition to the number one materials of the bottle, diverse decoration techniques and labeling techniques are used to decorate the visual attraction and provide branding possibilities. These can encompass printing, embossing, labeling, or making use of stickers to the bottle's surface.